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Our products are SB 1383 Compliant
San Francisco Bay Area (510) 429-1300
Nampa, ID (208) 985-4849

Integrity - Innovation - Opportunity

Returning Organics back to local soils

The company transforms green waste & wood debris into compost, mulch, wood chips and soil amendments



John David President,

Prime Landscape Services, Inc., Santa Cruz

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the products that Vision Recycling has been putting out. I’ve been using various redwood mulches for years and I don’t have any problem with them.

Sherry Bryan

Ecology Action, Santa Cruz

Ecology Action lists Vision Recycling on our list of top quality compost & soil amendment producers for landscaping and agriculture in the Monterey Bay area. We refer the public to Vision Recycling because we trust that there has been quality control at all stages of production, the customer is going to receive what they expected and will receive great customer service across the board.

Gordon Dill

Grounds supervisor, Carmel Valley Manor

Vision Recycling is a company that stands by their quality of service & products and is willing to work with you every step of the way. All of their products are made from toxic-free recycled material.

Blaine Lyda

Store Customer, Nampa
I work for all pro lawn service and the guys down here are always helpful, polite, and above all else very respectful.

Perion Tuple

Store Customer, Nampa
My new favorite place to dump the grass I get from mowing and Power-Raking!!! The manager is very nice & extremely professional!!! Oh decent rates as well as a “get to know you atmosphere”!!! Thank you Roy!!!

Luke Combe

Store Customer, Nampa
Great prices and very friendly service.