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Our products are SB 1383 Compliant
San Francisco Bay Area (510) 429-1300
Nampa, ID (208) 985-4849

Integrity - Innovation - Opportunity

Tom Del Conte

President / Owner 510-429-1300

  • Founder & President Vision Recycling since 1992
  • Founder & President Del Conte’s Landscaping Inc. founded in 1972
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Cal State Hayward 1978
  • Graduated Compost Facilities Operator Training
  • Over 20+ years experience as green waste recycler
  • Certified Landscape Professional
  • Public Speaking engagements for recycled organics, Irrigation water conservation, and Green Business concepts.

Tom has consulted with the Alameda County Stop Waste agency for Green Business program development. Tom is fanatical about organizational and procedural details and training programs. As the leader of the organization this has stability implications as evidenced by the over 40+ years of business success.

Roberto Aguirre

Operations Manager / Owner 510-429-1300

Co-owner & Vice President Vision Recycling, over 20+ years managing Green Waste operations. Former Landscaper. Intimate knowledge of green waste processing operations, green waste transportation and green waste commodity applications. Outstanding skill set for situational awareness. Outstanding skill set for processing operational efficiencies.

Eraclio Carranza

Assistant Regional Manager 510-429-1300

Eraclio is our right-hand man for everything at our sites. He has grown from a production worker to an assistant manager. His wealth of knowledge from our production to our product quality is his expertise.


Jalaina Hudson

Office Manager 510-429-1300 ext 229

Jalaina is at the helm overseeing all of the office administration staff for Vision Recycling. Her experience and professionalism is vital for managing this large department.

Jalaina is part of the team who is meeting regularly to drive healthy financial models and complex billing procedures to make sure Customer Service is seem-less system.

Adan Rodriguez

Regional Manager 510-429-1300

Adan Rodriguez manages all of the sites in California for Vision Recycling. Adan isn’t new to the company, he recently came up the ranks from spotter and store manager to a management position within two years. He recently has been promoted to Regional manager as he is always striving to reach his personal best. He works with all of our sites to make sure that the staff is following our protocols to product quality. Adan works extremely hard at what he does, is passionate about helping customers and understands the Organics process of converting mulch and compost to renewable products.

Andrea Contreras

Account Manager 510-429-1300 ext 232

Andrea is the person behind all of Vision Recycling’s billing, new accounts and receivables/payables. If you need a new account set up, pay an invoice or request a billing statement Andrea is the person responsible for this dynamic system.

Roy Espinoza

Business Development & Store manager Nampa 209-985-4849

Roy handles both the store manager and sales for our Nampa store. Roy relocated from California to Idaho to take on this task. He has embraced the Idaho culture. He is dedicated to his position and loves being in Idaho. He works extremely hard and is a key to our Nampa store.

Linzi Del Conte

Sales & Marketing director 510-429-1300 ext 105

Linzi is no stranger to this business. She grew up helping as a spotter and has moved up to marketing director. She helps out in all areas of the business when needed. She has a special eye for marketing solutions and loves being a part of the team

Kevin Olasava

Fleet Manager

Vision Recycling would not be able to operate without Kevin and his fleet team. In order to process our materials they work tirelessly to keep all of our heavy equipment running.