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Our products are SB 1383 Compliant
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Integrity - Innovation - Opportunity


Vision Recycling is a sustainable green business based in Fremont California that converts municipal yard trimmings, wood debris and food waste into renewable products which communities can benefit from. Since 1996 Vision has been helping cities with their diversion goals, returning organics locally and improving soil health in agriculture & landscape applications.

Vision tries hard to reduce contamination in the material by educating the public about separating trash from the green bin, as well as recycling the metal and plastic for further use.

Vision wants to use local trucking solutions whenever possible while reducing the amount of long-haul truck trips made out of the area. Vision purchased a dump truck in the early years to service the homeowner market and reduce carbon emissions from long-distance mileage. 

Processing the green portion of the waste stream is the only form of recycling which stays here locally.  Plastic, metal and glass all get shipped to other nations without the converted products returning to the place they started from.  Compost, soil amendments and mulch from Vision Recycling are placed back into the community for sustainable practices and improvements.

At the core of everyone who works for Vision Recycling is a commitment and responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint in everything they do. For questions about sustainability contact our office for a consultation.