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Our products are SB 1383 Compliant
San Francisco Bay Area (510) 429-1300
Nampa, ID (208) 985-4849

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Organics Facility Management

We provide on site service contract work with public works agencies, municipalities, schools & farms. We provide our staff, material processing & keep up with all local laws and regulations to help your business run smoothly. We pride our organization with checklists and safety training on a regular basis. Our staff is friendly and professional to meet all of your needs. Call us for more info!

Product Deliveries

We Deliver in quantities of 5-100 cubic yards and greater. Call us to see if we deliver to your location. Delivery fees are based on the distance from our site to the drop off location. 


We provide a variety of composts, gypsum, lime, potting soil mixes and topsoil that will suit your needs. We partner with contractors in the community and offer sub-contracted custom spreading services to ensure that your soil is set up to your growing standards.

Services For Hire

  • Grinding
  • Screening Services
  • Coloring