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Our products are SB 1383 Compliant
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Services for Hire

Grinding Services

We provide mobile Grinding & Screening services for hire. We offer options for your larger projects. We have multiple grinders in our fleet. We will bring our equipment to your site and grind & screen for you depending on your project size and needs.

Screening Services

Portable trommel screens are often used in the production of organic products for various types of waste. Our McCloskey trommel screen and our WildCat 626 screens are designed and custom built to our specifications. We designed screens that would excel in the screening of soils and organics processing. Our screens will process compost & soil amendment, but are also suited to screen sand, gravel, and woodchips. Our screens can process 120 to 250 cubic yards per hour.


We also offer remote coloring. Our colorant machine allows us to color material as it passes through the screener. Colored mulches are in greater demand today, and Vision Recycling is responding to that demand. The process of adding color during the screening process adds a richer and more natural color to the material. This allows for a strikingly vibrant look to any landscape.