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Composting Technology

For over twenty years, Vision Recycling has been at the forefront of using technology to solve Organics diversion in the state of California. Within the organization is a strong emphasis on best process, innovative solutions, cutting edge equipment and well thought out procedures. In 2005, Vision Recycling incorporated the Ag Bag composting system at the Buena Vista Landfill working in conjunction with the County of Santa Cruz Public Works Department. At the time the industry was on the cusp of producing modern windrow systems. The localized program incorporated food waste and yard trimmings as a bulking agent to produce a high-grade compost.

In 2018 Vision Recycling installed an E.A.S.P. (Extended Aerated Static Pile) system at their Livermore facility on Greenville Road. The advanced technology incorporates large blowers and pumps which send air through tubing embedded in the concrete and along the bottom of the compost pile. Computers and forced- air control temperatures which speeds up the composting process and provides temperature data all tied to a remote application accessible by any mobile device. Feedstock is collected, ground up and composted before material is cured and ready for market.

Vision Recycling has experience with compost systems in various capacities. For more information or consulting services call 510-429-1300