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Company Events

At Vision Recycling we truly believe in our company culture and philosophy of “Enhancing the Quality of Life for All Stakeholders”.  This includes clients, employees, vendors, the company, and the owners.  Part of enhancing the quality of life is showing our appreciation for our clients and employees by having some fun and celebrating.  Throughout the year we host different client events, including our famous SF Giants Tailgate themed party for 200 or so clients with games, food, entertainment, drinks and a lot of fun! (Our SF Giants representative has told us it’s the best and most unique tailgate she’s ever seen!)

We also believe in showing our dedicated employees how much we appreciate their hard work throughout the year with a Hispanic Independence celebration with tamales on September 16th, a Thanksgiving turkey, and a holiday party in December. 

We also host site tours for different groups or organizations where we are able to demonstrate our innovative methods and technology in recycling and composting.

In January we gather the entire Leadership Team together for our annual Budget & Goals presentation.  It’s at this important team meeting that the coming year’s budgets and goals are presented by each department and team member.  As stakeholders we want them to have a voice in the future of the company.

Vision also believes in being part of the local community by providing donations to local organizations and schools, as well as participating in local events to help promote organic recycling and composting.

We also participate in industry trade shows and events.  Tom Del Conte helps promote continued education within composting as a member of the U.S. Compost Council’s Commission for Continued Education (will need to verify with him on the title).

We at Vision Recycling are very proud to be partners in the success of our employees, our clients, our community and our industry; our stakeholders.

Site tours & Grand Openings

Budgets & Goals

Giants Tail Gate