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Our products are SB 1383 Compliant
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About Vision Recycling

Vision Recycling began as Del Conte’s Landscaping, a well-known Bay Area landscaping business founded by Tom Del Conte in 1972. Mr. Del Conte’s knowledge of the landscaping industry led him into the green waste and recycling arena in 1993. At this time, he acquired equipment to convert green waste into organic, locally sourced soil mixes. He began converting green waste generated by the landscape firm’s maintenance division into organic soil amendments, later putting them to use in Del Conte’s landscape division. However, Mr. Del Conte’s vision of the future didn’t stop there.

Partnering with Local Organizations to Recycle for a Greener Future

We have been helping Bay Area businesses reduce, reuse, and recycle since our inception, beginning with processing organic material from the County of Santa Cruz into bulk organic compost. In 1996, we brought recycling safety and productivity guru Roberto Aguirre aboard. Aguirre, who is now Vice President of the company, began incorporating new equipment and processes to the Vision Recycling brand. His expertise gave us the boost we needed to process green materials more efficiently.

Today, we have grown to serve commercial and residential customers, providing top-quality organics recycling services for local communities looking for new ways to repurpose green waste and keep it out of area landfills. Vision Recycling now operates four turnkey recycling facilities, including locations in Benicia, Livermore, San Lorenzo California as well as one in Nampa, Idaho, near Boise. We produce various mulches, composts, and soil amendments from 100% recycled materials.

Committed to Supporting Recycling in the Community

Our competitively priced recycling services and organic landscaping materials are a source of local pride. Unlike companies that contend with the garbage side of recycling, we focus solely on horticultural and landscaping waste products. Using sustainable solutions, we process waste into valuable resources available for purchase at our Bay Area retail centers. We offer these services and goods for the benefit of our local communities.

Our services include the retail sales and delivery of mulch, compost, and soil amendments, mobile grinding services, bin service, and creative recycling solutions. Our expertise at transforming green waste into beneficial materials allows us to reduce trucking emissions and traffic, landfill waste, and product cost, making our high-quality mulch, compost, and soil amendment products an affordable solution for Bay Area and Nampa residents and businesses.

Whether you’re looking to keep green waste out of the local landfill or improve your gardens, Vision Recycling can help you reduce, reuse, and recycle. Contact us to learn more about our disposal and recycling services, high-quality compost, mulches, and soil amendments today.