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Fall Cleanup, Use Mulch to Winterize Your Garden for the Upcoming Winter Months

The best time to apply winter mulch is just after the first hard frost. By putting mulch down at…

Association of Compost Producers

On Wednesday May 2nd members of the Association of Compost Producers traveled to our s…

Alameda County Search & Rescue K-9 Training at Vision’s Newark Facility

Rescue training requires hands-on experience for Alameda Search & Rescue. Vision Recycling’s…

Apple in San Jose Chooses Vision Comp for their large expansion project!

This year, Apple in San Jose has been using thousands of yards of Vision Comp…

The Rains Are Over Use Mulch to Retain Moisture in the Ground & Protect the Soil!

During the dry Spring months, with the rains over use Vision Recycling wood chips or mulch t…

Winter is Here, Start Preparing for the Rainy Months

During the rainy winter months, apply mulch as a ground cover which will protect the soil fr…

Promoting Compost on a World-Wide Scale

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive educa…

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