At Vision Recycling we strive to make the highest quality products from 100% recycled material. We provide soil amendment, planting soil, compost and a variety of mulches, and wood chips. Our prices are very competitive as we produce our own products and are not resellers. Products are made from leaves, brush, tree trimmings and other yard debris as well as clean wood. We do not use any manures in our products.

Call us at (510-429-1300) to schedule a delivery or ask for pricing. Products are also available for pick up in trucks at one of our six Bay Area and Central Coast locations. Please note, not all of our products are available at all of our locations. Call ahead of time to ensure product availability if you would like to pick up materials yourself.

Need help calculating how much material you need? Visit our page on mulch application rates and measuring cubic yards.


Wonder Mulch

Wonder Mulch is made up of mixed green materials and yard trimmings ground to 2” which are then screened to remove material smaller than 3/8”. Wonder Mulch gives landscapes a natural appearance and provides many benefits. An application of several inches will help conserve water, suppress weeds, keep ground temperatures cooler in hot summer months, prevent soil compaction, and create a beautiful backdrop for landscape plants. The shredded texture of Wonder Mulch helps it lock together and makes it an ideal application for hillsides ground cover. Wonder Mulch is also the smart alternative to irrigated lawns in our semi-arid climate.

Black Wonder Mulch

Black Wonder Mulch provides all the benefits of our original Wonder Mulch except in stunning black. Use Black Wonder Mulch when you want to provide an impressive contrast background for your landscape plantings. Conserve water, suppress weeds, protect the soil from overheating and compaction all while giving your landscape a beautiful look. We use an environmentally friendly water based dye for all our colored products.

Mahogany Wonder Mulch

Mahogany Wonder Mulch has all the advantages of our original Wonder Mulch, but with a dark, rich mahogany color. Use Mahogany Wonder Mulch to add a warm, deep brown earth tone to your landscape. As with Wonder Mulch and Black Wonder Mulch, Mahogany Wonder Mulch helps your landscape conserve water, suppress weeds, and protects against soil compaction and overheating.

Premium Wood Chip

Premium Wood Chip is a high quality wood chip. Made from recycled redwood, this is a long lasting wood chip that adds a soft texture to landscapes. Premium Wood Chip is slightly smaller than our Golden Blend, Mahogany Wood Chip and Black Wood Chip, but larger than our Lumber Fines. Use this product when you want a finely textured ground cover for your landscapes.

Golden Blend

Golden Blend is a larger wood chip made from recycled lumber. It’s great for pathways, sitting areas and planted landscapes. Keep weeds down, maintain soil moisture and provide a walking surface all while brightening up areas with this light colored product. The wood chips are generally between 2 inches and 3/8ths inches in size. Use Golden Blend in areas where blowers might blow away smaller and lighter products.

Black Wood Chip

Black Wood Chip is our Golden Blend in a striking black color. This product adds a sharp and stylish look to the landscape. Landscapes will really stand out against a backdrop of Black Wood Chip. As with Golden Blend, this product is great for pathways, sitting areas and landscapes and is more resistant to being blown by blowers.

Mahogany Wood Chip

Mahogany Wood Chip is our Golden Blend in a dark mahogany color. Use Mahogany Wood Chip to add a solid and natural looking earth tone backdrop to your landscapes. Great for pathways, sitting areas and landscapes. Mahogany Wood Chip also helps conserve water, prevent soil compaction and overheating, and suppresses weeds.

Vision Comp OMRI Listed Compost

“Vision Comp” is Vision Recycling’s certified organic compost. We use only clean green materials and do not use manures in our products. Our compost is created under ideal conditions in rows that are only 4 feet high. This allows us to manage temperatures much more closely than compost created in larger rows. Vision Comp is OMRI listed and has the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance.

The benefit of compost to soil and plants cannot be understated. Compost is a source of slow release plant nutrients and increases the soils ability to hold onto nutrients if you fertilize in the future. This means Vision Comp will increase plant foliage growth, root development, flowering and fruiting. Compost improves soil water holding capacity, improves soil fertility, improves soil structure, increases resistance to erosion, increases carbon sequestration and enhances plant vigor. Compost can be the difference between a vibrant garden and a struggling one. Before you install a new landscape or plant new plants, make sure you add compost. A small investment in improving your soil with the addition of compost will pay off for many years to come.

Planter’s Mix

Planter’s Mix is a topsoil blend that can be used to plant in directly. The addition of OMRI listed organic compost to this blend makes it a rich and fertile soil for your landscape plantings. Use for raised beds, raising soil levels, grading, houseplants, starting seedlings, and generally anywhere you need to plant.

Organic Soil Amendment

Vision Recycling’s Soil Amendment is pre-composted material which is generally applied as a top dressing that will break down slowly and provide certain nutrients while also acting as a fine mulch. Our Soil Amendment will provide phosphorus, and potassium among other nutrients, as well as increase the organic matter content of the soil, though it does not provide much nitrogen. This product is great as a low cost ground cover that does double duty in adding organic matter to the soil while providing the benefits of a mulch at the same time.

Mahogany Lumber Fines

Mahogany Lumber Fines is a mini wood chip that looks great in landscapes. It adds a nice texture to planted areas and provides a dark, rich brown backdrop for plants. Use it like a mulch to conserve water and suppress weeds. We produce our Mahogany Lumber Fines from clean lumber. The chips are generally smaller than 3/8ths of an inch and are colored using an environmentally safe water based dye.

Black Lumber Fines

Vision Recycling’s Black Lumber Fines are a mini wood chip that add a sleek black feel to landscapes. Made using the same process as our Mahogany Lumber Fines, this is a great product that provides all the benefits of a mulch with a clean, crisp wood chip look.

For price quotes, information about deliveries, and any other questions you might have about our products, please call 510-429-1300