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Association of Compost Producers

Association of Compost Producers

8 October 2020
On Wednesday May 2nd members of the Association of Compost Producers traveled to our state’s capital to meet with assembly people and senators to “Spread The Gospel” about financial allocations for Compost and Organics diversion.  Vision’s Andrew Tuckman and Adan Rodriguez joined others to inform state politicians about the need for Organics infrastructure including new facilities and developing markets around the state of California. “We’re doing our part, now we need California to step up even further to provide what is necessary for achieving its goals” said Dan Noble of the ACP. The message was heard throughout the halls of the capital building loud & clear. Members of the group had little, round compost stickers on their lapels telling anyone who would listen that the governor must allocate more money if we are really going to get serious about composting. Our soil’s health, pending landfill closures, the local crops, greenhouse gas emissions, storm water and our communities depend on it.   

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