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Backyard Composting Options During COVID-19

Backyard Composting Options During COVID-19

30 September 2020
back yard composting

Composting food scraps is a great way to minimize your weekly garbage load, produce a healthy humus for the garden and an opportunity to help municipalities divert precious material away from the landfill; especially during COVID-19 when many people are at home and food waste is piling up as a result.  Once you have your system in place, the rest is easy.  The size of your backyard and geographic location will determine the type of system you use.  If you live in a country setting, something large like the first photo would be an ideal option.  If you are limited with space or have neighbors we recommend a rotating drum that is self contained, does the mixing for you and usually produces a nice soil quickly. Shavings or ground up Vision Recycling Wood Fines work well as a bulking agent to absorb the moisture.  

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