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What is a Victory Garden? And Have You Started One Yet?

What is a Victory Garden? And Have You Started One Yet?

30 September 2020

Over the last few months, Victory Gardens have sprung up as a result of the Shelter In Place order & COVID-19. Newsletters across the nation are spotlighting them. The history behind the gardens started during World War I when a severe food crisis emerged in Europe as agriculture workers were recruited into military service and farms were transformed into battlefields. The burden of feeding millions of starving people fell to the US. In 1917 Charles Lathrop Pack organized the National War Garden Commission to encourage Americans to contribute to the war effort by planting, fertilizing and storing their own fruits and vegetables so that more food could be exported to our allies.

Now, in 2020 Americans who have been confined to their homes since mid-March have turned to their gardens for exercise, family activity, healthy produce and fun. The term Victory Garden has been trending lately on social media and in our industry to rejuvenate the idea. Using Compost is an essential ingredient to a successful harvest, providing nutrients and organic matter to replenish tired soil. Just a 5% compost to soil ratio or more will help your garden flourish. Call us to find out about pricing and delivery of our Organic compost to your garden. 510-429-1300 X205

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